Sunday Soup: Tom Yum

Ah here we are at Sunday again, already!
Well… happy Sunday and as you know Sunday is our soup day for lunch for the week.
I won’t be here (having a baby on Tuesday) YAY! But you know peeps still got to eat.

So this Sunday… is something I do really love Tom Yum Soup

I used a soup base because let’s face it guys.. I’m a lot of things but I’m no Thai Chef that is for certain… however my stepmother is which is kind of cool and gives me instant bragging rights but whatever. 
This is so easy… like really easy… it’s in the crock pot right now but I will let you guys know how it came out. 
Here’s what you will need:
However here is what I used:
  • About a half lb. of shrimp (you can of course use chicken) but man shrimps are good! I used so many because I like to eat them as I am making the soup
  • I used about a quarter of a large purple onion (I like the flavor of the purple onions)
  • A whole bunch of mushrooms (I used a ton of the brown baby bellas)
  • A large tomato (even though I prefer plum tomatoes I only had beefsteak) 
  • Tom Yum Soup Starter – if this isn’t available to you- You can find out where you can get it here
  • Butter (for sauteeing) You can use margarine but … I like the real deal
Here’s how to:

Alright so here is what I did:
First you insist your husband cooks the shrimp for you – because that is seriously what I did
After you kick him out of the kitchen you shall then proceed to cut up your mushrooms and onion. 

Then you saute them in a pan
So at this point you are going to want to start chopping up your tomato
Now you will want to add your base 
If you are using the stovetop… you will want to get it boiling then add the other things and then cook for about ten minutes.
Looks kind of gross, no?
Well if you are using a crockpot now you add all the rest of the stuff that you’ve prepped into your pot and cook it. I’m leaving mine on for about an hour and just see how it turns out… who knows with my luck I will probably ruin it?
Do you guys have any great soup recommendations for me? 
Next Sunday you guys might get a whole bunch of pictures of Campbell’s Soup cans… due to being hopped up on pain meds…
Until then folks… enjoy your week!

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