Craft with the Kids: Little Froggy

Craft Time!

Got this craft from The Mailbox I get a LOT of my crafts from there.
Either way, kids don’t care… they are mostly just happy to be using their hands and hanging out with mom and/or dad!
So for this one we are making a speckled frog
I always do these things very open ended
I do as much as I can by the instructions but amend it as needed
So here is what I used
  • 3 Green Construction Paper Circles (2 smaller and 1 large)
  • Different Colored Poms
  • Glue
  • Marker
  • Scissors
This one is super simple –
I just traced the circles onto the green construction paper using two different sized bowls and then cut it out.
We then cut the smaller circles in half.
Next you will want to glue the half circles on to the larger circle like so
Aww… how cute you can see now how one circle serves as his hind legs and the other serves as his little front froggy feet
Next we want to put spots on him and eyes with the poms (the instructions say to use stickers for the spots… I just used poms… they are tactile and Oliver really enjoyed them!)
Oliver clearly enjoying the poms!

Now you just have to give your frog a face!

And a mustache, hair and a beard according to this little lady.
Either way Oliver and I ended up with this as a finished product
Not a masterpiece but was something to keep us occupied on a rainy afternoon!
Show us pictures of yours… we want to see!!!

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