Ipsy April Glam Bag

Got my first Ipsy Bag!

Just in case you didn’t know Ipsy is a monthly subscription box that delivers customized makeup samples to you for $10
I’ll be totally honest… I’m more a skin and hair care girl than makeup so I wasn’t expecting the best of results (I also made an unboxing which I accidentally deleted) which bummed me out

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So here’s what I thought of the April Glam Bag which had the cool theme of “Bohemian

First the bag is adorable – so adorable I used it as the backdrop for all the pictures of the products inside

Theorie Hair SerumThe closest price I could find was on Ebay for $7.99

This is great for me, I have hard to manage, dry hair and so do my daughters so we will get much use out of this. I was nice in my hair and didn’t weigh it down too much. The smell was a little strong but not awful.

For you if: You have hard to manage, dry, or unruly hair

                    Not for you if: You have no problem getting your hair to stay “down”

Jor’el Parker Femina Roll On PerfumeAgain, ebay has this currently at $11.49

This is a great scent. I want to say Musky? Not old lady musky though, nice – I want to use the word soft. It’s definitely an evening scent because the smell is a wee bit strong. It’s really hard to describe (or maybe I am just not good with that stuff) Either way I really liked it! Super glad they sent it to me!

                                       For you if: You like a heavier perfume  – one that will definitely stay with you the day but is nice enough that it isn’t overpowering

Not for you if: You just want a subtle hint of smell

Nude Dude “Fit” and Starlooks Lip GlossI have no idea what that eyeshadow sample costs.. it’s cute but much tinier than you’d imagineThe Starlooks Lip Gloss is about $2 on Ebay as well

OK so these two were probably my least favorite products
The nude dude is nice and I am sure I will use it… the little container – emphasis on the “little”- is really cute and the color is neutral but this thing is tiny. It’s the foil packet of makeups
The Starlooks lip gloss is NOT for me. First, the color … eh not a fan. It’s a gross texture too.. sticky and really kind of heavy… just not a fan of that at all

For you if: You like small samples and a heavier lip gloss
                                Not for you if: You would rather have a larger sample and a lighter lip gloss

Essence Lash Princess Mascara$4.99

This is a good product and not a budget killer. It has this cute little dispenser too and the brush is a decent quality. My only gripe with it is that it kind of flakes? So it’s a little messy but not to the point that it would keep me from buying it!

For you if: You like a pretty good mascara that is inexpensive
                Not for you if: You are looking for a product that is a super high quality

So all in all I made out here… I like what I got and I got way more than what I paid for. I will post in a little about my thoughts on Ipsy vs. Birchbox as a whole.
The approximate value of this bag was about $26 which isn’t too bad if you ask me.

If you’d like to try out Ipsy you can do so HERE

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