Bluum: Third Trimester Review + Unboxing

So a couple weeks ago I heard that RueLala was having a sale for Bluum 
In case you were wondering Bluum is a monthly subscription box that sends you a curated, box of children’s goodies based on babies age/gender
Usually Bluum is like 29.99 but with the deal you got a 3 month subscription for $56
I figured I’d try it out… 
that means that each box costs about $19 
First I’ll share my unboxing video with you guys

OK so we know I wasn’t like pumped about this box.. there’s no need to go through a review of a bunch of bottles that I’m not going to use.

So I will do this for the economy of the box
Here’s the box

Alright so here’s the breakdown of the contents

Bordeaux’s Rash Preventer     $7.99
Playtex Nipple Variety Pack   $8.99
Playtex Vent Aire Bottle         $4.99
Satsuma Baby *mittens           $9.00
Bordeaux’s $3 Coupon            $3.00

Total  Value                             $33.97

Holy Guacamole Bottles are Expensive!

So definitely want to say this box far exceeds the $19 bucks I spent even if it isn’t exactly what I’d pick. As I say to my kids, “ You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”
Also I linked to the Satsuma MITTENS because now I know what they are. And hey maybe you are interested!
So, overall the box wasn’t for me and I like that when you get a subscription box you may get things you haven’t heard of – all of these things I’ve heard of except the mittens. I also feel like the curation is lacking. They cover the main areas of babies – diapering, feeding, clothing… and that’s it. It just feels like the effort isn’t there. 
Do you subscribe to Bluum? What are you thoughts?   

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