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Obviously it’s been an eventful past couple days to say the least but I don’t want to leave you guys hanging so I figured I would review the final Montagne Jeunesse Masque for you guys. MJ actually just changed their name to My 7th Heaven and if you are super curious you can read the reviews to my other products Here.
But anyway… back to the product (which I received free for review)
OK, let’s start out with a couple basic facts about me and why I’ve saved this for last. I have a penchant for redness and anything labeled “hot” puts the fear of life in me so I kept putting this one off.
I got my big girl panties on though and I opened that package (very trepidatiously mind you) it was a creamy orange consistency with a light smell. Putting it on was OK. Not too sticky or heavy…
And contrary to this picture it was pretty nice.. totally warming but not hot at all. I just made this goofy face because I felt as though I was an extra at the chocolate factory. 
So in the end as far as what my skin was like a gave it a night… because I think sometimes that is the key to seeing if something is a really, truly good product, this masque actually made my skin feel the best. 
This masque is for you if: You don’t mind a warming masque, and want a masque that will leave you with a nice glow!                               
Coming soon
  • Benko Box Review
  • BoCandy Box Review
  • BerryCart Box Review
  • Target Beauty Box Review
  • Everyday Happy Review
  • Little Passports Review 
Keep checking back!
In the meantime what is your favorite MJ Masque?
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*Masque was received for review purposes. Opinions are solely my own and was not given any compensation for the opinion herein

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