Benko Box: Children’s Subscription Box Review + Unboxing

So today I am super excited because I get to show you guys a new subscription box for kids that is totally  unique, cool, and a lot of fun. Did I mention that it encourages imagination?

*received free for review

 It’s called The Benko Box.

It’s a box created by a Pre-K teacher and her daughter that actively encourages children to create…. not by a list or through dictation but using an open dialogue where the child has the ability to control the direction their own art is going. It’s a super cool concept because I often feel like we give our kids crafts and the path is always straightforward… Point A to Point B – there’s no guesswork or “what if we did this?” The Benko Box is more the “choose your own adventure” of children’s craft subscription boxes. 
Our Unboxing
(I apologize for all those faces… )

The Review

This is box 
At this point we had already done the unboxing video so I already knew what was awaiting us inside the box but just so you guys know you can expect a box of contents like this
We got: glue, a wooden box, a paint stick, 4 kinds of paper, oil pastels, stones, wooden shapes, foam shapes, 2 paint markers, 3 kinds of sand
Tons and tons of stuff.
As I said prior the box is intended to be open ended… so you can do whatever you would like with the crafts. However, you do get a little pamphlet included with your box that tells you what you got and ideas for each item. I decided we would follow the pamphlet so you guys get a good idea of what you can actually do with all the crafts.

April is Treasure Month!

Our first craft was to draw with oil pastels on watercolor paper 
A simple craft where kids are taught about blending a medium ( I thought that this was super simple but a really cool way to introduce a “bigger” concept)
So the pamphlet is chock full of different craft ideas… mind you nothing set in stone. You are given a good amount of options for each of the different materials included in the box.
Our next is tissue paper – you can cut it apart and put it on the box included or onto the contact paper. I have two daughters participating in this and they each chose something different.. we had enough that they could each do what they wanted and THEN SOME. Seriously the box is still full of stuff that we can use for crafts. 
Isabelle looking quite proud!
She took her time on this one
Finished product was well worth it!
Now we have the really fun stuff 
Glue and Sand  
Belle was more curious so I kind of showed her how to go about it

That was what we ended up with
We decided to go crazy and add some of the wooden shapes included onto this paper but first we would decorate them with the acrylic markers
 It came out really cute!
Meanwhile Penny decided she wanted to continue with the box
She put some “dots” on the inside with the acrylic markers
 Hey… while we are at it some stones too!!
And of course… 
Layered Sand!

Wait for it…..
I was most impressed with this! I really would like to do a little craft like this for myself!
We also did some foam shapes
But by far the coolest and best part of this box is the additional craft that you can opt to do.
Ours was a suncatcher.. you will have to collect other things for this craft (we were prompted to collect things from nature but opted to use some flowers from a bouquet we have)

We cut a frame out of the construction paper (color was selected by a series of eenie meenie miney moes) And then we attach the contact paper to the back (obviously after we’ve cut the paper into a frame.
Once you do that you can start adding your items to the contact paper obviously we are adding flowers.
Here’s our finished project
Super Cute!
Alright so what I think is most important to remember when stacking this box up against others is sheer amount of product you get. You get tons of stuff… for the $24 you pay a month you could EASILY have a weeks worth of craft nights. If you are anything like us this deal is starting to look REALLY SWEET to you Amirite?! Another important thing to remember is that if you have mixed ages… a la me who has a 7 year old and a 5 year old the breadth of tasks included can keep both simultaneously occupied, which I think is a HUGE plus. 
We had such a super time doing this. A lot of times we do a craft and someone isn’t happy or someone doesn’t get to do what they want and what was supposed to be a really happy, special time becomes anything but. This box kind of makes all of that moot… and that is something this mom can deal with.

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