BoCandy Subscription Box Unboxing + Review

Hey all! Here with another neato subscription box.
This box is an international candy / snack subscription box
I love these kinds of boxes… it’s an excuse to basically stuff my facehole and call it “work”
I received this fun box free to review
This box is NO exception!

So let’s get down to what is INSIDE this yummy box!


This candy is Indonesian and apparently super high in calcium. There are all sorts according to their site… lollipops and everything. I had a strawberry creme one and it was divine. If you like creamy this is the candy for you.

Napoleon Bonbon:

I had a heck of a time finding anything out about these. Apparently they are made in Belgium. The lemon was sweet outside and in the center quite sour. I initially pegged the red for cinnamon, it is NOT! It’s cherry and it has a very familiar, nostalgic taste… can’t place it however. Of course it is also sour in the center. These are good if you just want to have a quick candy and aren’t opposed to sour.

Las Gran Sandias:(watermelon gummie candies)

These are from Spain. These are deceptive! I immediately imagined the type of gummie that I am used to (soft) these are a little more chewy – which I personally like. I’m not huge on watermelon but these are OK… my kids are sure to like these.

Ramune Morinaga:

Ramune is a popular Japanese lemon lime drink (according to the interwebs) Morinaga is it’s candy counterpart. The candies consistency is a lot like a sweet tart but it’s that overly sugary stuff. Not my thing but definitely worth the try! The bottle is supposed to look like the ramune bottle the drink is sold in


These are so yummy! OK so their name is not in English but these spicy little snacks company are made in America. I really like these. They have a good bite of lime to them and they are spicy but not overwhelmingly so.


These guys are made in Holland and taste like straight up sweetened coffee… which is FINE BY ME! If you aren’t into that, you probably won’t like these but I think these are my favorite thing in the whole box

Mirage Nestle Bar:

Eating this was like eating a dream, seriously I could get myself into a lot of trouble if these were readily available in the states. Made in Canada this chocolate bar has little bubbles of air inside. At first I thought it would be like a three musketeers but the inside is darker than that and it’s just so light and fluffy and good. Took me a whole like … three… or four seconds to eat. 

The Secret Candy?

Found this after making the unboxing video there were two in the box… tastes like a root beer barrel. No idea what it is or where it comes from… forever shall live on as the BoCandy Secret Candy.
This box is super cool and affordable enough that it won’t kill your wallet. Factoring in all the time it would take me to go out and try to find this stuff… when instead you can have it shipped right to your door seems like a no brainer. If you like trying new things this is a great box for you. 
You can sign up for 4, 6, or 8 month subscriptions. Prices ranging from $12 – $14 a box! 
I love that you get to try new stuff that you’d have no idea even existed prior to receiving this box… that’s the whole point of subscription boxes to begin with.. not everything is EXACTLY what you imagined but it’s different than everything you see every time you’re out at Walmart. It’s like a breath of fresh air… or sweet air… depends on the box.

Buy Yours Here

*Writer recieved box for review purposes at no cost in exchange for an honest review

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