Target Beauty Box

The Target Beauty Box is a good option for a beauty box if you don’t want a huge commitment and want to “get your feet wet” in regards to subscription boxes. 
It’s  $5 and it is a quarterly box. 
(I’m really late in the game because I got this over a week ago)
(We paid for this box ourselves)
Target Beauty Box Unboxing

Here’s the breakdown of what I got

For $7 you get a good amount of stuff
and there’s full size too!
Shea Moisture 10 in 1 
for a 13 oz bottle the cost is 10.99
I received a 3.2 oz bottle so let’s say 
$3 in value
Tresseme Hairspray
This a small sample 1.5 oz
$1 value
( I really like this!)
(I haven’t used this yet but am really excited to!)
I haven’t tried a lot of these yet because I feel like these boxes are more a let’s see what we’re getting and less about the quality of the items on a whole. I did a little guess when it came to prices of the sample sizes but did try to include links for accuracy. 
All in all this box is a steal. I wouldn’t have bought everything in this box but for $5 that I paid I got $38 worth of products… not a bad haul if I do say so myself.

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