The Bet

If you know me and my husband we are kind of the goofiest duo ever. WE have the lamest jokes ever… and we laugh at not only our own terrible jokes but also at each others.. we are pretty much a match made in lame joke heaven …
On top of all this we are CONSTANTLY betting on things… sometimes things that matter sometimes things that do not. 
Most of the time.. the object up for grabs…

is it money?


is it some gift?


is it knowing your were right?


but mostly it’s a backrub.

Our current bet…Taco Bell breakfasts.
My husband and kids love TB
fur srs.
I wanted very much to try their breakfasts…. it took me a while.. I think I tried it back in January
We decided we’d bet on how long it would last
My husband said it would stick around, I said it wouldn’t last past May 1st.
Well folks. 
It’s MAY
I lost. 
Live Mas’
My husband, as cute as he is didn’t even opt for the backrub… do you know what that turd is making me do?
Eat Taco Bell Breakfast three days in a row.
So far I’ve gotten out of it because the Taco Bell here where we live doesn’t do breakfast, and so he’d have to drive far in the morning…HHAHAHAHAH YAY!
Except eventually it’s going to get me… blindside me and it’s gonna be rough!
Sure I won’t have to do dishes but I’ll have to eat one of the worst breakfasts ever…
Am not looking forward and just wanted to share.
What crazy things do you and your spouse do? Leave me some comments!

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