Everyday Happy Free Trial Review

I have my Ears to the ground when it comes to these boxes
and I GET AROUND the internet
So when I heard there was a company called “Everyday Happy
(who people found to be a little bit close to another company ((that likes to tell the truth..?))
that had a free trial option AND delivered diapers, soaps and toiletries monthly in two separate services
I knew I had to try it out and see

Allow me to show you my unboxing

So how does it work and how can you get yours?

Here’s the deal –  I got everything pictured here
                                                                laundry detergent
                                                                hand soap
                                                                shampoo / body wash
                                                                diaper rash cream
                                                                face / body lotion
For a mere $5.95
I haven’t tried everything but almost everything I have tried was average. 
 I did like the laundry detergent 
I used it to wash our cloth diapers and the scent was really mild and I still felt like it cleaned everything well
Here’s the deal – once you sign up for the free trial you do have to cancel otherwise you are enrolled and they will charge you somewhere around $50 monthly for BOTH the diapering and the laundry service 
Cancelling was super simple though … I just emailed them and it was taken care of
I like the packaging and the products aren’t bad!
I saw people giving them bad reviews which I don’t really understand 
Why don’t you try it out yourself and see?!

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