Hello’s – Check Ins – and Apologies

Hello my friends! 
I have neglected my blog these past few days, many apologies for that!
I have a few reasons why…
My mother in law is here from out of town
The plague I’ve spoken of in prior posts has SPREAD
and THEN another plague came and bit us.
Add in the new baby and all that, that entails — crafts and unboxings just seem like too much.

So what I planned on talking to you guys about today is cloth diapering.
Just so we’re clear Vivienne is my fourth child
she is also the first that I’ve decided to cloth diaper
I mostly was inspired by our daycare provider who cloth diapered (with absolute ease and finesse) 
and thought — I should really do that… 
I mean, it’s better for the environment and the children get less rashes and
So, I embarked on this “pseudo” journey
I was told by most of the people I expressed my interest to that it was “gross” “messy” “that I wouldn’t like it”
And this …
because I am to a degree stubborn and determined… fueled my fire!
So I took one of the gift cards we received and decided I would go online and buy some
However, I became overwhelmed and decided I needed to see them before I actually purchased
Unfortunately in my neck of the woods… there aren’t many stores that carry cloth diapers
So I gave up — the end
Just kidding – I check Babies R’ Us and they did have some (a small selection) I decided that I wanted to go with a Pocket style diaper.  To my knowledge there are three..
The Pocket
The all in one
and the prefold
I felt like I could handle that. So I bought three liners and about 20 inserts… ( I am breastfeeding so I knew that I would need a lot)
I also decided that I wouldn’t do it right away – I would wait until we were home from the hospital just because learning how to use a cloth diaper while recovering from caesarean probably isn’t the best idea.
Once I got home though I decided I would start. 
The diaper liners are called pocket style because they have a pocket where you place the insert
This is a newborn insert (she has grown out of this at this point)
BTW she is 10lbs 6oz

I went with the Bum Genius Brand and haven’t had any problems however I will share with you something that I’ve learned
When I bought the liners I imagined that I would use one throughout the day and the inserts were the only thing that I would change
But if you think about a “pocket” there is still part of the diaper that is always wet… so I decided after reading some forums and whatnot that I would put the insert outside of the pocket so that was the only thing getting wet. 
I haven’t had any problems yet. I do have to prepare… have little baggies for when we are out to put the inserts in and I have to hand wash inserts and liners DAILY and then I bleach about (thus far) once a week. I am no expert yet but I’m learning and I thought I would share with any of you moms out there that are considering it, how it’s been for me. Hope this helps!
Are you a cloth diaperer? Do you have any tips for a newb like me? Would love to hear your thoughts!

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