Timeless Truth Charcoal Detoxifying Mask

I have made my love of Face Masks no secret and I’m here blogging today to tell you about one I’ve just found out about.
Timeless Truth Masks
from a company called 
Take a look around their site and see what they are doing…
needless to say I was super pumped about this one!

What I received! (More posts to come)I only tried the Charcoal Detoxifying Mask so far.

Super modern packaging
So you are instructed to open it up and take off the film
(this is a little awkward particularly because the mask is loaded with the serum)
You put it on and leave it on for 15-20 minutes…
I will be honest.. I felt a little bit like the invisible man

Mostly because I look like this

After you take it off you rub in the rest of the essence and carry on!
I for one love that you don’t have to wash it off afterwards.. that is one of the biggest problems with most masks!
So the results?!
This product is fabulous! 
My skin feels so soft and fantastic
I still have two more of these to try so I will probably post a blog about those in the next week or so but I think that if you like masks or just like to “treat yo’self” in general these are a great way to do it!
*Products were received complimentary for review purposes

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