May Nicely Noted Review

*products were received free for review

Mmm Nicely Noted!

The monthly subscription service that encourages you to keep in touch!
As usual the beautifully curated color scheme
does not fail to please!
The first piece of stationary is titled Lemon Dots
Simple and pretty
but just a little bit urban?
Brooklyn, NY
The next piece of stationary is titled Brush Gracias
I love these two summery colors together
Such a pretty palette 
This is by Anemone Letterpress 
in Pasadena, CA
And the final piece of stationary is titled 
Make a Wish
I adore this card! It’s whimsical and cute and just perfection!
It is by Thimblepress
from Jackson, Mississippi
As always Nicely Noted maintains it’s excellent curation.
In fact every month I open the envelope and have my breath taken just a little by the pretty cards that await me.
The emphasis on keeping in touch remains the same and once again I was inspired to pick up a pen and write a note to someone I love. 
If you are looking to connect, or get in touch, or keep in touch I think Nicely Noted is the best way to go… for $20 a month you get three beautiful pieces of stationary and three stamps to send to someone!
Missing someone?
Nicely Noted also makes a great gift and encourages them to keep in touch with you!

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