May Ipsy Glam Bag

Ipsy Time Kiddos!

This month… Jetsetter

My Bag!
(Also maybe you ask why I do a birchbox unboxing and not an Ipsy)
I would have but that Blandi wasn’t even in the bag! Would have been hard to do one on stuff that wasn’t even IN the bag… next month kids… next month.

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So here’s the bag breakdown

Let’s be completely honest
This bag is tacky as WHAT!
Moving along….

GlamGlow ThirstyCleanse
This is going for around $10 on Ebay
Unfortunately I haven’t yet had the chance to use this

(Pictured Left)
There is absolutely nothing fancy about the packaging, in fact it looks like some dollar store wet n wild but I will admit I tried this and really liked it. Just the right amount of color and goes on really easy. 
For you if: You like a really nice light eye shadow (dust) whatever!
(Pictured Right)
Confession… I am a beauty newb. Totally. I was really into makeup in my late teens and early 20’s but now – as a parent I’ve lost all that. Which is why I subscribed to Birchbox… to reignite that part of myself (hopefully… at least before I’m too old and wrinkly to be hot)
Anyway, because of all that I have to try to fit in time to do my makeup and as you may know makeup isn’t all that easy. Not for me at least. I do know that using this brush was. Totally even application, and just a really nice all around brush. 
For you if: This is good for even a novice makeup application, although good enough for someone who knows the ropes. Quality product!
I love this, also it’s full size! 
Not common for Ipsy.. so I’ll take that
For you if: You want big fabulous hair. 
Not for you if: You already have big fabulous hair and any more would be marge simpsonesque

Klorane Eye Patches
I haven’t gotten to try these yet, although I love masques… can’t wait. I have heard good things about them too!!

So the estimated total value of this bag is $42
Besides the bag there is NOTHING in here I won’t use.
I actually like Ipsy more than Birchbox… again!

If you are interested in subscribing to Ipsy’s monthly beauty subscription
Click Here!

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