Timeless Truth – Eye Masks

Hey all!
Follow up post!
If you remember about a month ago I did a post about Timeless Truth
and that I would post the other masks as I did them.
The other day I tried the Eye Lift Bio Cellulose Masks that I received free for review
Just like the the other mask I left this on for 15-20 minutes
They recommend that you do one eye at a time so you can see the difference.
I do not really have dark circles or visible signs of aging around my eyes yet
so signs may not be as apparent on me as on others.
There I am with my eye mask. 
Here is the after
There is a light amount of lightening that is visible but other than that for me these were for the experience. I still love these masks and I still have one more to try!
Do you have a mask that you love? 

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