The Connect Box – Review and Unboxing

*Products were received free for review purposes
If you follow my Instagram you know that I promised you guys a new subscription box review!
and as you saw we made slime… WOOT!!

The Connect Box

I am super excited to show this to you guys because this is something that I truly struggle with as a parent. Tuesday is our dedicated family night but sticking to that coming up with good ideas that can include everybody… can pose a challenge. 
For $26.00 monthly you can get pre-planned activities that engage the entire family. 

Here’s the Unboxy Box Video!

So how was our night of “connecting”?

Here is everything that we got (minus the two jars who did not make it through transit)
You get enough that you can EASILY have two nights or do overs…. if you are anything like us… you know what I mean by that… hehe
I will be totally honest, while I knew the kids would be thrilled with slime I was not quite as won over. That’s not what matters though, I’m an easy sell.. if the kids are into it – that’s where I want to be.
The instructions were super easy to follow.
Bottle of glue in the bowl
Add some warm water and food coloring and glitter too if you like!
Then you fill your jar with 1/2 c. water to Tbsp Borax
And slowwwwwllly… add it into your glue mixture
It was a lot of fun… I have to admit
even Mr. I’m not a tree got in on the action
Just look at that smile!
If you watched the video you know that, that slime was orange!
That was Penny’s!
It was the same drill the second time around
She went with orangish?
We got some of our own food coloring too for variety!
Looks pretty cool just like that.
and then… because she is 7 she got mad at me!
Here’s the finished products with plenty of stuff to make MUCH MUCH MUCH more slime!
You can check out The Connect Box Here!
I know we had an excellent time! 
Totally worth the money and something I’m sure the kids will remember… long after the slime has gone!

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