Harrison Blake Selected Club Review and Unboxing

*Items were received free in exchange for honest review

Super Excited

Today I am sharing with you guys my first MENS Subscription Review!
And I enlisted the help of someone very special to me
Mr. I’m Not a Tree!
I found the absolute perfect Father’s Day Gift for the man in your life!
We Reviewed
Harrison Blake Selected Monthly Club is a monthly men’s subscription box that promises to deliver 5 items for $25. I really loved all of their photos. These guys nail it. This is a PERFECT gift for Father’s Day! 
Pictured above are all of the items we received.

So as I said earlier I enlisted the help of a man, my husband who can be a bit of a hard sell.

But he knows how to tie a tie and he’s quite cute if you ask me….

Here is our unboxing video….

There was one thing I did not see in the box

Clearly I could have easily found out that, that article was indeed a lapel pin
Wooden Lapel Pin
Avg Retail Price $30
This is so pretty. I would love to figure out a way to put it on a hat!
Wooden Tie Bar
Avg Price $28
The Blues in this box pair so beautifully with the wood!
Linen Necktie
Avg Retail $30
This was so pretty. My husband was sold on this one and I’m sure when he travels for work
(he works from home)
he will be taking this along! I said denim in the video… it’s linen – a bluish linen but linen none the less.
Microfiber Pocket Square
Avg Retail $16
(I used this picture because you couldn’t really see the color in the other picture)
Also, I totally realize a pocket square goes in a jacket pocket, but I was already pushing it making him get in a real shirt… I mean heck he’s in an UNDERSHIRT in the unboxing video!
Leather Bracelet
Avg Retail Price $12
I LOVE this bracelet!
I’m wearing it right now! 
for $25 a month this box is a steal! The curation is so beautiful. Go over to their Instagram and take a look at some of the pictures. They are absolutely striking!
Also, I think this box is a great way to get a man in your life interested in fashion. If you are trying to “lead the horse to water” so to speak. 
It also makes a great gift for the men in your life that have jobs in business or just like to look great! 
If you are a man and are looking to expand your wardrobe this is one way to do it… you can try new things without breaking the bank!

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