Bulu Weight Loss May 2015

So Groupon had a really good deal for the Bulu Box
3 months for $7
It’s typically $10 so I felt like I got a real bargain!
Now when I signed up I figured that I would get the Original Box because that was something that I really liked, but the Weight Loss Subscription Box from Bulu wasn’t right for me. 
However now after I received it I realize the deal was only for the Bulu Weight Loss and I am stuck getting two more months of a box that I don’t necessarily have an interest in.
However, look at the bright side – maybe you are interested… 

Here’s what I got

Here’s my unboxing video

So first item
(or items)
Coupons and other marketing materials
I understand that discovery is a big part of these boxes but some of the more intricate parts of that should be trying to remain classy in spite of the marketing element. I shouldn’t feel like I sat through a poopstorm of commercials after I look at the stuff that comes in a box. Yeah I would find out about a lot of products but boxes should be selective and they shouldn’t have to *sell* me on something – if I already should be interested to start with right?

So why all these papers????

K-Pax Energy
I’m breastfeeding right now and these have a ton of things in them that I can’t pronounce so … these are a no.
Zestra Essential Arousal Oils
Even if I tried these (and I will!)
I wouldn’t review this here! haha
SK Energy Drink
Strawberry Lemonade
The ingredients of this one aren’t to scary actually and if I wasn’t nursing I would try this.
(I’m trying to be open here for the people that are actually interested in trying this)
Vital 4 U – Liquid Energy
These also don’t look like they have anything too harmful and they are coffee flavored.
I would definitely try this.
Shapeology – Burn Blend
Okay these are a little scary. There are tons of warnings and weird chemicals in them. I’m not one for this kind of stuff. If you want to lose weight eat right and excercise... this kind of stuff is harmful to the thing you are actively (or at least should be) trying to nurture.
Final Thoughts.
Box Value
About $9.50
So this just about breaks even if you include the coupons and if you are trying to find new weight loss products this definitely opens the doors of discovery. I’m just not fond of all the chemicals so this box isn’t for me. 
But if you’d like to try you can subscribe here

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