Company’s Comin’ Review + Unboxing

*Product was received complimentary for review purposes

Yummy Yummy
Got a good one for you guys today!

A monthly subscription box that sends you either 4 premade casserole mixes (or other mixes that they sell) in a reusable shopping bag for $29.95 or 3 Casseroles and 2 soups 2 cheese balls and 2 dips for $59.95
I received the $29.95 version that included 4 casserole mixes
Here is everything that was included

Here’s the unboxy box video

So I received four casseroles with this box
The first is the Alamo Chicken Casserole
And basically inside each kit is noodles and a particular seasoning
Imagine a hamburger helper but the AWESOME farmers market version.
The tags give you the recipe and other ingredients that you will need to complete the meal 
Here are the contents of the Alamo Chicken Casserole

The reusable shopping bag totally turns into a strawberry…. so stinkin’ cute!

I also got
The Lasagna Casserole Mix
The Taco Casserole Mix 
(which is totally going to be one of our taco Tuesdays)
I decided to make the 
King Chicken Casserole for you guys though!
I love these bags too by the way
Anyway all I had to add was
 8oz of cream cheese
3c of milk
a can of diced tomatoes (however I used one fresh tomato)
and a can of chicken – however I imagine that you can sub chicken for tuna or anything that you really like. 
I love that it’s versatile like that!
All I had to do was boil the cream cheese in with the noodle mix until the noodles were done. Take it off the heat and add my chicken and tomato. Put it in the casserole dish top with grated or shredded cheese and bake (if you want the cheese melted) 
These are perfect if you want to have a couple easy meals on hand in case 
Here’s my finished product
So it was delicious
But here’s my funny story… since I’m moving I totally realized after beginning making this that I had packed up my casserole dish… had to use a rubbermaid container – hence this picture. The cheese will melt even if it isn’t in the oven by the way.
This was a total hit – the kids loved it and so did I! 
Suscribe to Company’s Comin’ to find out for yourself!

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