Luxury Barber Review + Unboxing

*Products were received free for review purposes

Hello Dahhhlings!

I am back and I am a homeowner… yay!
But seriously we are here for this men’s shaving subscription box!
The Box is from a company called the Luxury Barber
who are the “purveyors of the finest in men’s grooming products”
I know I’m a girl but the “finest” of anything gets me excited!
So, the subscription box is here and costs $29.99 a month
They also offer a sweet referral program and a cashback bonus to use on their website if you use their hashtag which is #LuxuryBarberBox

So, here is what I received….

There are a LOT of goodies in this box!

The Unboxy Box Video with Mr. I’m Not a Tree

So let’s take a closer look, shall we?
They are minty! They do also leave your hands feeling clean and fresh without being sticky.
The card says a 10 pack is $9.95 – I received 2
Est. Value $2
which is a fancy way of saying Aftershave
This stuff is fannnntastic – it has this super subtle pine scent and I just love it. 
Also, anyone else out there a big vial fan? I think they look so classy for packaging!
For 100ml this costs $14.99 I received .5oz 
Est. Value $2
These were little foil packets in exquisite packaging
I haven’t tried them – I can tell you however that they are organic
For the full size 8.5 oz version of either of these it costs $29.90
There isn’t much in them so let’s just say Est. Value is $2
For 4.4oz it’s $22.00
I received 2 foils totalling .34oz so these are about $2.50
I had hubs use them.. he said he liked them – he’s a really easy sell though.

Est. Value $6
OK I really don’t understand how it gets foamy like shaving cream from a can but WHO AM I TO ASK QUESTIONS LIKE THAT! This stuff is cool. Probably my favorite thing in this box.
Also notable, there is no scent… if you are into a shaving cream that isn’t going to irritate your skin or your nose, this is the way to go.
I actually like this. This exfoliating body wash has a simple masculine packaging 
Another thing that immediately struck me (and now that I think about it – it sort of goes for the whole box) is that a lot of mens products hit you with that SCENT. You sort of can’t even describe it – it just hits you right in the face. These products are nothing like that. It’s a subtle nice smell.. nothing over the top, at all.
This shaving cream has a nice smell, just like it’s counterpart above however I can’t speak for it’s actual results. 
I like the smell and I did actually use this – on my son… of course he fought me getting it on but it definitely does it’s job! Interesting packaging but hey… I’ll take it!
a comb is a comb to me? It does have the Luxury Barber on it which is kind of cool. 
Razorblades! What mens’ box would be complete without them!
So, final thoughts. 
This box is FULL of stuff. This is a really good Fathers Day Idea!
The final estimation of the box is valued at $48.73.
What I think is even more important is the exposure to a HUGE amount of different brands.
I hadn’t heard of ONE of these and now I’m aware of them all. 
That’s worth it’s weight in gold! 
The box is $29.99 a month but if you use your hashtag
#LuxuryBarberBox you get Barber Bucks so make sure you do that!
This box is For you if: you are a guy looking to “expand” your grooming awareness, you are a woman looking for a gift for the man in your life, you are interested in the highest quality mens’ grooming products – this box will fit your needs!
If you would like to subscribe Click Here!

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