Pet Gift Box Review

*Products were received free for review purposes

Got a sweet one

I’m not saying it’s the most adorable thing ever…
but it is pretty much a box of gifts for your pet every month and THAT is like… the most adorable thing EVER!

Here’s my box!

So, you don’t get this mailed to YOU by the way.

It totally comes addressed to your pet
How adorable is that???
and cutely wrapped!
So the box is $27.99 but I have an exclusive coupon for 25% off your first box if you use coupon Swifty

So what do you get in a Pet Gift Box?

Well, this is the May box and I am guessing based on the items included the theme is Memorial Day and all things patriotism and supporting the veterans, which is a noble and very cool cause. 
Here’s the little card
And I also got a pamphlet about America’s Vet Dogs which is a program that pairs veterans with a service dog to aid them and allow them to live independently which is awesome, that a box is not only giving you an awareness of products but also of programs that are helping people and animals! Super good cause and makes my heart smile!
Ahh and the stuff the cats (or dogs) LOVE
OK so here my cat looks skeptical…
that is because my two year old son is handing it to her. I assure you she loves it! 
Filled with catnip and crinkly a sure win!
This is interesting looking, no?
I had doubts, but my cat likes this. It’s apparently just a ball of catnip. 
Two things cats like catnip and batting things around and this has BOTH.
As evidence, Swifty batting it around
These are super popular and I’m sure most of the people that got these were pumped, it’s not really my style but I’m OK with this considering the theme of the box. 
Super soft and this is great because as you have seen my cat has long hair and sheds pretty much EVERYWHERE. The print isn’t something I would buy but the theme is patriotic so camo fits and besides she is gonna cover that hair in NO TIME AT ALL!
This is apparently a high end treat for kitties. My cat likes it… I’m sure it’s a perfect blend of stuff I would never eat but my cat relishes! 
So this is about $36.50 worth of products for $27.99 which isn’t bad at all
but don’t forget you get the Swifty discount which is 25% off your first box all you have to do is use code Swifty!
I like this box, it’s themed so items aren’t repetitive – it makes you aware of products that are 1. not available at the big chain stores 2, wholesome and healthy for your favorite furry friend!
I think if you are a pet lover, animal lover, or just want to treat yo’ pet this is definitely the box for you.

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