Better Half Box Review + Unboxing w/ Coupon

*Products were received free for review purposes

Not sure if you’ve heard but there is a brand new subscription box in town

The Better Half Box

There are two halves to this subscription box company.
The Mens and The Womens
Each month there is a different theme for men and women. 
It’s $39.99 a month
however if you use code FIRSTBOX29
you can get your first box for $29!
I got the mens box mostly because I know a lot of the boxes that are posted will be womens and I wanted to be sure that you guys knew what came in a mens box.

Here’s what I got

Casino Royale Theme

Here is the Unboxy Box Video

So here’s the box breakdown
The package design is really pretty. A lot of times they have cute packaging but this is the first time I’ve thought something felt “elegant” or “classy”
And once again these are the box contents
So first item,
I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but my husband is pumped. 
World Series of Poker
These will come in handy, decks of cards are always good for nights when you entertain, and with all the goodies we got in this box we will have to have a poker night… like really soon… like right now.
OK so firstly this smells divine. It’s pearberry, which is such a crisp, fun smell. BEYOND THAT you get money in each bar. It could be 1, 5, 10, 20, or even 50! You have to use the whole bar first obviously which ….
We aren’t even close.
Est Value $2
Good for betting on those poker nights!
Super Cute!
Est Value $?
I couldn’t find anything comparable for a price comparison…
This is totally a cool pen – I will get a lot of use out of it! 
I like that they have their logo on it as well. 
This is really nice. I love the scent – it’s grapefruit and ginger (I love ginger)
I actually had never heard of this but am super glad I have. My husband WILL NOT use something like this so I inherit it and I am fine with that!
Est. Value $3.95
I couldn’t find another one like this online and so figured the average price of a shot glass would do. Of course they included this, no Las Vegas themed evening would be appropriate if you could still remember it in the morning.
But seriously I like this – cool rockabilly type design good if you collect them.
Est. Value $7.99
I couldn’t find them anywhere online except Ebay and that was the price on there, not sure if that is correct or not.
These are cool though, hubs was pumped for these as evidenced by this picture

So in summary

I love the theme, that every month you get a cool mix of items and maybe even an evening or two of fun. I like that they are also including a mix of higher end products. 
I think this box is worth what you pay for it and then some.
It’s for you if you want to have a great night without having to plan. You are trying entertaining for the first time and want to make sure it goes smoothly. Or maybe you just want a box delivered to your door for your hubs to show him you care – and you get to hang out with him too!
This is a great box with an estimated value of $50 
so even if you paid full price of $39.99 you’d still be getting a deal but your first box is only $29 with code FIRSTBOX29

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