How we’ve been spending our cooped up days

So we live in Southeastern PA
and as you know we just bought a house
so we are unpacking and we’ve had a nice string of super dreary weather.
Couple that with four children and you’ve got a range of cranky, understimulated, cabin fevered children. 
But I have to unpack and so what are we to do?
 Well today I got a couple of those pizza crusts and we made a couple homemade pizzas!
Belle applying the pizza sauce
Oliver applying cheese
Yep, pile of cheese right in the center!
Then of course right in the mouth
Eventually though, 
We slapped that baby together
Unfortunately though
I burnt it!
That wasn’t the point though.
I got my kids involved for a little. Also got to spend some time with them.
Even if it was 20 minutes – it was time for us, in a hectic couple of weeks when I haven’t had a chance to do that it felt really good.
That pizza was gross but the kids were proud so we all ate it and smiled.
What do you do with your kids that isn’t really anything special other than the time you put into it?
Curious how you guys out there get time in with your kids?

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