Zakia’s Morocco Ghassoul Clay Mask Review + Giveaway + Exclusive Coupon

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*Product was received free for review purposes

Yay new skincare products to try!

So today I am reviewing Zakia’s Morocco
Ghassoul Clay Mask
And you guys, my readers have an exclusive coupon (Good until 7/4)
For 20% off any Zakia’s Morocco product!
Just use code ZMBLOG-252
One thing I immediately noticed is that beyond this product being all natural it is also Fair Trade 
which is a huge plus as far as I’m concerned
I originally thought this was simply a pampering product – and figured I wouldn’t see a ton of results 
I received some instructions 
For a face mask you add 1 part powder to 5 parts water (about a tbsp of the powder)
You get something that looks like this
Here is me before
And me once I put it on!
(It’s a good look for me)
Ok, so you can also do a hair mask and body mask. 
I didn’t opt for the body mask … being a mom I just really don’t have time for all that.
I did however do the hair mask, in the instructions there are two different options.
The first is to use it the same as the face mask… you mix it and then leave it on your hair for 5-10 minutes. Or you just mix some of the powder with your shampoo and wash as usual.
I opted for the latter
So here is my after photo
If there was one word I would use to describe this it would be mattifying.
Let me give you a little anecdote that may help you get an idea of how my skin felt.
I just had a baby. Throughout my entire pregnancy I had this red blotch on my nose that I COULD NOT get rid of. Not with blackhead strips not with anything. On the instructions it had mentioned that it gets out blackheads… I figured that wouldn’t mean a whole lot for me. 
That red blotch was indeed a blackhead that I soon got out after I used the clay mask!
MONTHS I had the red imperfection and one application of this mask got rid of it!
That is so awesome.
The hair mask. 
I have dry hair. I could get away without washing my hair for like a week, seriously no oils! 
So a hair mask for me is a nice but infrequent thing. If you have oily hair it’s perfect for you!

So final thoughts…

I really love this, particularly for my face. I feel like the benefits are awesome… 
it can be a little messy but washes away easily and doesn’t stain. 
It’s also all natural and fair trade which make it a conscious company which is so awesome, we need more of those. I really like this product and think that you guys will too!

Remember, use code ZMBLOG-252 for 20% off your Zakia’s Morocco purchase!
You guys can enter their giveaway here
Good Luck!!!


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