3B Box Review and Unboxing

*Products were received free for review

Today I have an asian beauty monthly subscription box

The 3B Box

(Beauty Beyond Borders)
In case you didn’t know The 3B Box is an Asian Beauty Subscription Box
It boasts a modest $12 price and promises to include 4-5 deluxe Asian Beauty Samples

Here’s my unboxy box video

So what exactly is all this stuff?

Well… here’s the box I got 
I received 5 products – none of which I had heard of
The first 
Was this 
This is $9 on the Holika Holika Website
It was an interesting oil, at first I thought like “olive oil” but it doesn’t smell like olive oil at all.
It works really well, and if you are like me and rubbing your eyes to get makeup off is really irritating this is rather mild.
The Next item
This is $8 on the Holika Holika Website
I HEART this product. It’s Raspberry, and has just a really nice light stain.
My daughters really liked it and I even let Oliver try!
The next items were 
The first is the Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Water
(these are sample sizes and so the price eludes me)
This “balancing water” is a gel toner for your skin. 
The word gel is used loosely as it is definitely thicker than average toner but not really a “gel” by any means. The product itself seems nice but I – having very sensitive skin find that toners are not a great match for my skin
The next is the Sulwhasoo Essential Emulsion
(Again a sample size so no clue on the price)
I will say the full price bottles of these two are EXPENSIVE
I will say, this is a great moisturizer. I am loving this! The card says this is formulated with Korean medicinal herbs to improve the skins ability to retain water.
And the final product
This is a little sample and I couldn’t find a comparable price.
I think this is definitely the cutest packaging in the box however, despite my eagerness to try it… I haven’t yet! I am super excited though!
So in summary
This box costs $12 a month and in just the two products I found out the price of they totaled $17 and that isn’t even counting the three others that I couldn’t find a comparable price. 
So as far as fiscally, this box is a steal. 
As for the products, if you are into finding new, exotic products – without the guessing game of looking for them yourself.. this is your box! Totally for you.
It’s also a great way to gift someone who is really into makeup, particularly because you probably won’t be duplicating anything they already have. 
If you are interested in subscribing to the 

3B Box Click Here

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