Battle of the Baby Boxes – Citrus Lane VS. Bluum

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one night only
we are pitting the some of the most popular baby boxes against each other in what will only be known as the most epic subscription box battle ever…

OK but seriously

I am going to compare 

Citrus Lane


and Walmart’s Every Little Step

So in my opinion Citrus Lane and Bluum are the same thing except that mine are customized differently. They are each monthly children’s subscription boxes that grow along with your child. The Walmart Baby Box is a little different in that it is sent once and costs waaaay less. 

Here is my unboxy box video

Here are the box breakdowns

Here is both the Bluum and the Citrus Lane
OK so we will start with Citrus Lane
I got the May box and the Mystery Box
We will start with the Citrus Lane Mystery Box
Included was
Hohner Maracas
Hohner is a great company and they make great stuff
I don’t think these are age appropriate though… considering my son is three 
Value $8
Counting in the Garden by Ammo Books
This is great for my son.. he loves it already
I had never heard of Ammo Books but now they are totally on my radar
(The illustrations are super cool)
Value $14.95
The last item in the mystery box was
The Skip Hop Sandwich bag set
These are cute, however again – maybe mystery boxes are not designed to be age appropriate but my son is two and isn’t yet in school, so if he were my only child this would just sit around for a while. However I CAN use it for my daughter who starts school in the fall… also it is really adorbs.
Value $12
OK so already just in the mystery box we’ve racked up $35
I think I paid … $24 to sign up again and …. you can cancel Citrus Lane whenever you want
Next is The Citrus Lane May Box
Citrus Lane costs $29 monthly
OK I am intrigued
First item is
Goodbyn Portions to go
This is my money item… oh yeah. I love this kind of stuff. DONT EVEN CARE IF IT IS AGE APPROPRIATE!
Just look inside
Value $14.95
Tea Collection boys fish Tshirt
I love Daily Tea, have for like…. ever
Stopped buying because as any parent with four kids and a limited amount of cash flow knows … this stuff is expensive and my kids, they are NOT done growing. Doesn’t mean I don’t think their stuff is to DIE for.
Value $26.50
Hape Sand Toys
Hape is a cool name in toys. These are to “lay bricks”
They are sturdy however one must question themselves… are my kids really even going to play with these as those they are doing masonry? Or will they as kids do, devise a new way to play with them? And if that is so what was wrong with the original bucket and shovel?
Value $5.95
And the final item in the Citrus Lane box was
Plum Organics Mighty Sticks
We haven’t tried these yet but they have cute packaging and interesting flavors
Value ??
OK so Citrus Lane isn’t doing so bad…
the monthly box has an approximate value of 
Next up Bluum
Bluum costs $29 monthly
This account is set up for my daughter
and if you remember from our first month
I didn’t really like it that much 
But here is what we got this month
Not a bad assortment
First item
These Cheski socks
They are cute, but eh just socks? 
Value $5.99
Next was
Lamaze Panda Rattle
OK, getting warmer this is cute!
Value $5.99
Angel Dear Swaddling Blanket
So before I ever had kids I worked in a maternity gift shop and we sold their things.. totally didn’t know who they were at the time. Now about a decade later I am getting their swaddling blankets in the mail much to my delight. I love muslin, I love swaddlers, and I love this print. Big win here.
Value $16.00
Potions Love in a Bottle
I am a firm believer in infant massage and so I was super pumped to get this.
I haven’t used it yet but when i put it on it was nice and I just, this is something that is perfect for a subbox, I wouldn’t buy this myself but receiving it is such a treat!
Value $15.99
And finally in the Bluum Box
Wellements Baby Lotion
I love the way this smells! This is a huge bottle too! Another brand that is now on my radar… way to go idaho!
Value $8.99
So the Bluum box for the month was AWESOME
Valuing at $53 but also containing a GREAT bunch of products!
But don’t forget that Walmart Baby Box
For $5 I got a really cute little assortment of stuff
Bunch of coupons, Aquaphor sample, Pampers Diaper Sample and little nappy pack
(I feel like music should start playing)

Burt’s Bee Baby Body WashLotion Diaper Cream

So pumped…thanks Walmart!
Alright so that is everything that I got
But who’s the winner???
I can’t do it
I like both this month 
I’ve decided June is the final showdown
I will have only the monthly boxes to go on as well 
so the decision should be easier and because I am not rich … yet
The loser gets dumped…
Big Frown
Who do you like? 
or are you a 
Walmart person?

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