Adore Beauty Box: May Review and Unboxing

So, it’s time for the Adore Beauty Box
(I’m late)
The Adore Box is in it’s second month of operation
It is a monthly beauty / lifestyle subscription box that costs $15

I liked the first month and think this box has a lot of potential

Here’s the unboxy box video

Alright so here is Adore Beauty Box’s May Breakdown

Here is everything I received
The first item is 
 Everyone was pumped about this
I will be honest .. yes this is a great product
but this color
Not so sure how that is going to bode on my eyes
However – I’ve been surprised before
Value $28
The next item
I got a really pink color that kind of scared me
I really loved it on myself!! YAY
Value $2
Next we have
I haven’t gotten to try this yet… but my philosophy on shampoo is.. it’s just shampoo really
Est. Value $2
This wasn’t on the original roster – a special “add in”
I will be honest I have no idea how two q-tips and two cotton pads makes a vanity set but hey 
Value ??
Next two items
So item pictured left:
Smells like soap but a really cute addition to your soapdish nonetheless!
Est Value $3
Pictured Right:
This is just a foil packet but the full size stuff is $110
As far as if this works… a foil packet obviously isn’t going to be able to tell you. 
I do know that Vitamin C Serums always make my skin really happy and “glowy”
Est Value $1
And finally
So hey it’s a fruit snack!
Sorta random, no?
Anyway that isn’t even my problem with this
here’s my conundrum, I have four kids – three of which eat people food. You try splitting one fruit snack three ways… here’s how it ends – Mom in HOT water
Value $0.75

So final thoughts 

The Box’s Estimated Total Value is: $36.75
Not bad at all considering this box costs $15
What’s more?
I like this box, it’s finding it’s footing and that’s OK
 I see where they are going and I am excited to see what they come up with in the future. 
I like the color of the lip tar and the inclusion of the make up forever item. 
I think the freebies are cool too because they kind of make me feel special 
This box is for you if – you want a good variety of different beauty products and aren’t opposed to a little “randomness” 

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