Midori Spring Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea Review

*product was received free for review

Have you heard of Matcha

I’ve heard about it over and over and finally I got to try it!

So Matcha is a super concentrated form of Green Tea
it is a fine like powder
This one

is very green

such an intense color, gotta love nature!

So the brewing is interesting, and while it isn’t hard it’s different than any other tea

The instructions are on the canister
which by the way comes with a peel off lid, so your Matcha stays fresh

You take approximately a teaspoon of the Matcha powder and mix with water to create a paste
Then you add water to your liking, my first go at this was just too darn strong
Here is a link to a how to on brewing this Matcha

It looked like a wheatgrass shot

But after I added more water it was fantastic, the flavor I believe is an acquired taste but I’m certain that most after their first couple cups would consider this an awesome alternative to loose leaf or tea in the bag. I really enjoyed this product and if you are interested you can purchase it here

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