Stylish Ave. Brand New Monthly Tea Subscription

I am so excited to bring this one to you guys!!

*product was received free for review
This one is from a brand new monthly subscription company called 

Stylish Ave. 

They specialize in custom loose leaf teas.

Here is the unboxy box video

So this box smelled like absolute magic….

Here is everything I received, I got two bags of each flavor
Just so you know there are two different options when you order

All boxes are customizable, however you can opt for their “flavors” of the month

And using code TEA ADDICT I’m Not a Tree’s subscribers get 35% off

Here are June’s flavors
This smells divine! 
In case you don’t know about tea… the “color” of a tea
ie: black, green, etc. has to do with the processing and oxidation of the tea leaves 
(Told you guys I worked in a coffee shop!)
Our second of the month
Mint Green Tea
I love firstly the way it smells but also note they are actually telling you how to steep it –  all teas are different and this company knows their tea!
Then we have…
This is…
so beautiful!
Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamon and … orange peel.
It is so yummy! Great with a cake or pastry. 
A lot of people like their chai with milk or sweetener however this was great as is. 
Every other tea I’ve had just doesn’t compare. 
There is even an opacity that you can visibly see.
Okay, so finally
So quick little story, my daughter smelled the box when I opened it and came over and asked what she smelled, I showed her the teas and let her smell them… this is the one she wanted to try. I told her that until she is older she will have to just be happy sniffing them!
This is my favorite, I am not a fruity tea person and although I liked the way it smelled I wanted to try it to see if I would actually like it
You had to let this mixture of Rosehips, Hibiscus, Chamomile and Rooibos steep for a while.
Sooo worth it
I am not sure if you can see the color here
So here is another picture
I am reminded of the Russian tea with black cherries
It’s such a bold color and absolutely a show stopping bold tea.
I loved it, sweet but with a tart finish. So perfect for an afternoon pick me up!

So, final thoughts on this subscription box

Overall, if you are a tea drinker this box is for you.
It has options to customize if you don’t like a particular tea and has really good pricing with options! 
And, the tea is awesome, you can’t go wrong with this one!
I loved this box, and if you would like to give Stylish Ave. a try click here 
And if you use code TEA ADDICT you get 35% off!

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