Freckled Fawn – Oh Deer Me Kit June Review

*Product was received free for review
Scrapbookers and Papercrafters Delight
I have a little bit of Heaven here on the blog today!

So the company is called Freckled Fawn

They are a really cool, quirky online craft boutique
that also happens to have…
you guessed it, a monthly subscription service!

Introducing the Oh Deer Me Kit

I received the June kit which is Carnival themed

So, here is another image of all that is included in this month’s kit

Just tons and tons of fun in this kit
Cute little pouch
8 wooden summer embellishments
1 roll of the (most adorable) washi tape ever
108 felt letters
teal and pink “&”
6 gel stickers
6 metal paperclip happy / sad faces
 A ton of puffy fun stickers
*Just a note* I usually do a review where I break down the price here on the blog but since they are sending you their own products all you have to do is click around their site if you are interested. 
Also, having someone curate a theme for your monthly crafting is PRICELESS
Shopping for scrapbooking supplies is one of the biggest moneypits I’ve ever encountered and services like this keep me from breaking the bank on all the cute things I just NEED TO HAVE
So anyway, what I decided to do is take my fun Oh Deer Me Kit
and show you guys some of the possibilities (and obviously have fun)
The ONLY thing that I added (other than glue scissors etc.) is paper, everything else came out of the pouch!

So, I knew immediately the first thing I would make –

I’ve been kinda missing our old neighbors and wanted to make an invite for a playdate
After I saw the contents of the kit I immediately knew that it would be a “Popsicle Playdate”
So I got a couple pieces of cardstock I thought went well
and the washi tape (I was most excited about using this!)
and set off making it look like a tag 
I went on to add the bow (so presh) and the felt letters 
I wanted it to say “popsicle playdate” with the felt letters but there’s only so much space when you need to make something into the shape of tag…. life is full of decisions
I finish with the letters and add some of the wood embellishments …
it’s missing something!
There we go! Cute little gel sticker finished the front off.
The back was trickier because I didn’t want to use any of my own supplies but I boxed myself in with this little card! So, begrudgingly I just used pen.
So this is our “Popsicle Playdate” Invite

Next, I decided I would make something silly as a small gift for my husband for Father’s Day

My Mom gave me a picture a couple weeks ago of myself as a junior bridesmaid when I was at the tender age of thirteen. I decided because of the absolute awkward Napoleon Dynamite”ness” of the photo I would make Mr. I’m Not a Tree also feel awkward for marrying someone like me…
I started out with the tackiest paper I could find
(that little twig in the picture is 100% me)
I added the puffy stickers but still wasn’t entirely sure where I was going with this
Ahhhh! How hilarious is this!
Totally awkward, totally 90’s!
So, I wasn’t even sure if I would be able to do three crafts because of my own limited imagination
however I was inspired by all of these cute supplies and I was having a awesome time doing a craft SANS children for the first time in what felt like forever
You can see though, my son was coloring across from me
I decided to use a picture of Penelope (since her last day of first grade was yesterday) and use those cool smileys to convey the bittersweet feelings that go along with your baby growing up!
This one was super simple, this colored paper and the washi tape paired so perfectly together I hardly had to do anything. 
I glued the smileys on because I wanted them to be in full view and the paper was too small to put growing up so I just put that little sun there instead. Overall, I think this is the cutest!
So here is a recap of all the crafts I made
The Oh Deer Me Kit is $26.99 a month and is 
TOTALLY worth it!
This is for you if you are a paper crafter, scrapbooker, embellishment nerd!
I absolutely loved this! 
So much fun and if you are interested

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