Handmade Highlights: Nursing Pads

So.. we had a housewarming party today and I had totally planned on uploading my Target beauty box review however, I am so darn tired it just isn’t going to happen. 
Tomorrow… promise. 
I am however going to share with you guys a little present I received from my sister in law and mother in law a few days ago.

OK so things to note is one… aren’t they ADORABLE
The print is so perfect, I just love these so much.
Secondly, they work. Seriously, they are made out of some fleece… 
and they are just nice, absorbent, soft and every other adjective you want your nursing pads to be!

Couple things coming up in the next few days

Got the Target Beauty Box Review
How to get a free box if you are going to be a bride and that box’s unboxing
Also a mommy box  and a handmade box
So much going on! Happy work!
Chat soon, hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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