Say Yes Night: Grace and Frankie

So, last month when hubs was out of town I had no idea what to watch on Netflix
I just randomly picked this show that had Lily Tomlin in it.
The show was Grace and Frankie

I finished the entire season in three days. This blog post is not about the show (however it is great and I do suggest you watch it) It’s about a particular episode where Frankie persuades Grace to participate in something called “Say Yes Night”

You guessed it… Say Yes Night involves no utterances of the word no.
All I can think to myself is that this sounds like the most magical interesting thing a couple people could do! And at first I thought, maybe I will do this with my kids because often times I’m yelling NO or whispering noooooooo depends on the occasion how nice and TRYING would a say yes night be.
Except I know my kids and how that would somehow turn into the “Duh Mom We are Egocentric and Under 8 Night in a hot minute.”
I could do it with Mr. I’m Not a Tree but alas we have the kids and I have to hope I remember this idea so that I can one day do it!

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