Sweet Mum Review and Unboxing

*box was received free of charge for review purposes

For Mommies Eyes Only

This subscription box is one that I give my own personal star to!
It’s such an awesome box, and I am so happy to bring it to you!
It’s called the Sweet Mum Box and it’s a box that not only pampers Moms a bit but also embraces Motherhood and the things that make Moms, Moms!
Here is the Unboxy Box Video

So the Sweet Mum Box Breakdown
I received (aptly) the Mother’s Day May box
and this is the awesome selection of stuff that they included.
On the insert of the box they choose an inspiring Mom
The Mom they’ve chosens son told her he liked her and when she asked what he liked most, 

“Your eyes because they can see me.”

This box really does embrace motherhood
Yesterday (in case you didn’t watch the unboxing)
was ROUGH and I opened this box and just really, honestly felt better
So here is what is inside

Donuts & Sprinkles Oh My!
Value $9.95
Which is this adorably illustrated book about Hay the Hipster 
she has a nut allergy and well, she still really wants to try donuts

Next is
This super pretty “Home is where Mom is” Print
Value $9.99
So pretty I hung it in my bathroom!
I really liked this, it goes really well in my sorta ‘shabby chic’ bathroom
There were three of these, and all three were of a superior quality.
Very nice products with simple, pure ingredients
I received the 

This is formulated for anything from little scratches all the way to Eczema!
I received a sample the full size is $14.99
A very nice light moisturizing cream
I received a sample the full size is $9.99
The Diaper Cream which I particularly liked
It’s just a really nice balm which is a change from the pastes most parents are used to 
Again, I received the sample however the full size is $9.99
Paper Lux Custom Stamp
Value ?
I have no clue because this is one of those fancy companies that you have to inquire to get a price
ouuu I have a fancy stamp!
But seriously I love this.
I will use this to write notes to my kids for years


And this little sweetie
Infinity Baby Giraffe
Value $10
Aren’t these terrific?!
Here is a pic of the backside
It’s just a great rattle, look at all that contrast and the tags…. ahh I love it!
Value $3 2oz sample
Full size $12
This is so indulgent. I love it. They have a TON of other great bath products as well!
The link is to their facebook – unfortunately their site was down when I went to look
Value $17
The cool thing about this stuff is that it’s great for postpartum care
For stitches and incisions as well as other ouchies and owwies you are sure to deal with as a Mum.
Smells very nice, earth but not the least bit offensive.
I received the pouch 
Which is a Super Blend
Not sure of the exact value, we’ll go with $1.50
I also received the Oaty Chomps Bar
My son scarfed this up!
We’ll say $1 – sorry not sure of the prices
I adore this bling bling pen!
and sticker
This is definitely going on my car, even though I live in a quasi rural area 
As far as price on these three
No idea! The pen and sticker are promotional so I can’t even find them for sale, they are really great though aren’t they?!
The magazine, where there typically would be a price says priceless, how adorbs.
Ahh and my absolute favorite thing in the box
Tin Hat Designs Tea Time Coasters
Value $10?
These exact coasters weren’t available but a set of four similar ones were for $17
These are so perfect, and I’m scouting my house right now for the perfect place to display them. I just love the whimsy in them! 
Perfect for this box, something I wouldn’t think of myself but NEEDS to be in this box!
And finally
Value $3.50
Sold in sets of three for $10
I was confused by this at first but now I see, it’s a natural face scrubber is all. 
I haven’t used it yet but will keep you guys posted!
Have a look around their site though, there is a section called Mason Jar Love …. AHHH <3
So that was the Sweet Mum Box
Love it, the price monthly is $35 plus shipping
and this is EASILY worth $60+
Can’t be sure because there’s a few items we don’t have prices for.
However it isn’t the value here that is most important, it’s the message. 
You are worth it – you do the best for the people you love
and this box is something nice for YOU.
The items included celebrate us not only as Moms but as individuals as well.
Great curation and product diversity… I really love this!

You can subscribe to Sweet Mum Here

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