How Did I Get a Free Burke Box?

Did you see my Burke Box Unboxing?
 If you listened you heard me say I got this free because I am getting married, here’s how I did it…

Firstly, here’s everything that I got
Smells so good
Here is a roundup of everything I received
 Lucia Guest Soaps
It’s a Burke Box so it goes without saying that this is tip top as far as elegance and tastefulness
Everything smelled wonderful, and I am not going to go into details about individual products because the point of this post is…
How did I get $68 in product for FREE?
Well Burke offers soon to be brides a complimentary Burke Box upon creation of their gift registry.
There’s a couple little things you will have to do–

 Firstly, put 25 items onto your Burke Registry. This is easy because they have fantastic stuff.

Second, you’ll need to have an “event” page. My official ceremony is in September and I linked them to our page. You can do this at any of the many free web hosting sites or you can even fancy up and pay for a really nice one. I went with a free one, I’m finding that weddings are expensive enough!

Finally, at some point you will receive an email from a rep that asks for a link to your page and a good shipping address and that’s it… voila!

You just treated yo’ self Bridezilla!

If you aren’t getting married but really want that Box you can subscribe here

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