Pink Fraise June Hello Summer Review and Unboxing

*products were received free for review purposes

Today we are going to review a brand new (squee) subscription box

The Pink Fraise Box

A subscription box that boasts handmade lifestyle subscription products

Let’s start with the unboxy box video

OK so the box breakdown

Let’s begin with the name Pink Fraise (pronounced Frez) 
Fraise is French for Strawberry 

Cute name

Here is what I got in the June “Hello Summer” Box

Nice Assortment of different handmade things 

First item

Hololua Bay Soy Candle
This candle has a really nice smell- kinda florally
The sticker is a Hawaiian one and is really cute. Their Etsy shop has TONS of different candles!
I haven’t burned it yet but I will keep you guys posted!


Golden Sun Juice 
Est. Value $5 (There are 4 oz bottles for $11 on her Etsy)
I love this. I tried it out while I was outback pulling weeds. It’s such a nice mixture. This is going to sound silly but it reminds me of sunflower butter, where it has that slightly grainy consistency you get with natural oils.
It goes on really nicely too and not too runny like some oils.

 I like it!

Hula Magnet
This is so cute, if you have the time look all around her shop. She has a lot of really great stuff. Love the foxes! Super cute!
Hand Beaded Pearl Stud Earrings
I couldn’t find these exact earrings in her shop
(she has tons of items)
But comparable ones went for about $7 
These are cute however, not exactly my style – still a really cute item!


Summer Soap
This is my favorite thing in this box, this soap is sensational
It is scented with Citronella, however to a much lessened degree than what you’d find in the outdoor candles. It’s a light, crisp smell and I’ve never experienced anything like it.
What’s more their Etsy shop is full of a million other soaps I need to try 
Need I say more? 

In Summary

This box is rad, and while it’s new it is oozing with tons of potential!
And for $21.99 a month the items included definitely cost more when purchasing alone!
I am excited to see where it goes and I’m sure it will be a hit with almost anyone who tries it.
Interested in subscribing to Pink Fraise?

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