Pet Gift Box: June (Purrassic Park) Review + Exclusive Coupon

*Products were received free for review
Only the MOST adorable box EVER to review for you guys today

Pet Gift Box

Purrassic Park

In case you were wondering Pet Gift Box is a monthly subscription box for your pet!
They will send your dog or cat a personalized theme box each month for  $27.99
And if you subscribe with code Swifty you’ll get 25% off your first box!

So here’s the box breakdown

Because of the release of Jurassic World
This month’s theme was Purrassic Park
(so awesomely cute!)
So I will be honest. I get excited about opening these up and just start exploding stuff at my cat
Here is a picture of the box contents when I remembered  I needed to do that!
However that obviously looks sparse because there are things missing
Here is the first toy I removed from the box
This thing is awesome because it rolls, has feathers and bells, and is infused with catnip. Swifty did indeed enjoy this toy

So the next item 
My cat LOVES this!
There she is, loving it!

Here we have

Plush Dinosaurs
And catnip spray

The dinosaurs are ok, but the catnip spray is LEGIT!
The cat was immediately rolling around all over and acting weird! 
The little paper says it works like a scratch and sniff sticker!

Authority Dental Cat Treats
Just a standard treat.. Swifty really liked them
Purely Natural Buffalo Bites

These are kind of like a raw hide, really hard. At first I thought they were like… buffalo flavored but no, these are actual buffalo meat. 
Also guys, look at that cat on the bag.
He means BUSINESS!

So in summary

This box is for you if you have a cat or dog and you enjoy themed boxes and buying your pet gifts!
I love it! I love the themes, particularly this month and Swifty really loves them too!

Pet Gift Box is $27.99
But you can get your first month 25% off with code Swifty!

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