The 5 Toy Companies that You Should Know About

So we’re parents, and we are at Target and we see a lot of toys.
Melissa and Doug and Fisher Price and a plethora of nameless toys emblazoned with lights and sounds. My suggestion is, as a parent, while those toys are great, don’t immediately head down that path. There are a couple reasons that I suggest this.
  1. People will buy these for your child REGARDLESS – seriously. Grandparents are all about them lights and sounds.. 
  2. Start out quiet and dull… give yourself a break. In my (unprofessional) opinion kids get the toys with lights and sounds and then…. everything after just isn’t as good, in fact it’s not stimulating enough which brings me to my next point
  3. Constant lights and sounds can in my (again) unprofessional opinion lead to OVERSTIMULATION which makes kids fussy, cranky, and irritable.

So, here’s my list of the 5 Best Unplugged Toys

(I don’t own any of these images)
OK so you are like.. Asheli this isn’t quiet, this is loud!
Yeah, but it’s a toy that gets a kid interested in music! And these are quality! And very cool to add to your children’s toy collection!!!
So, they do soft toys, if you haven’t heard of them.
They are FANTASTIC, I chose the Quiet Book because it’s my favorite (I had a quiet book when I was a kid) but you could literally buy anything from them and get something that you like.
Plan Toys makes BEAUTIFUL wooden toys. I actually bought one of these sheep for each of my nieces when they were first born. These toys promote active, healthy play. This sheep obviously acts as a stacker but in a totally new and unique way. Love it.
Schylling has great toys and while I did choose the car to show you guys their range I am a HUGE fan of their jack in the box! They have a real, old timey Jack in the Box… it’s all about that object permanence people!
And finally
If I had only one brand of toy for my kids the rest of their childhood, I would choose Brio!
The versatility, quality, beauty! This toddler wobbler I bought for Penny for her first birthday it holds her set of Brio Blocks. They have really quality toys, I really love them. 
So that’s it guys!
What are your favorite toy companies, when you want to cut down on the noise pollution?

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