Hot Coffee Club: Review and Unboxing Part 2

*product was received free for review
If you checked here yesterday you know that I did a review for a subscription called Hot Coffee Club

So just to Recap

“A subscription box that sends FRESH coffee to you monthly (or bi-weekly, you decide) in small batches for a mere $20 a month.

The focus here is on freshness, in fact they don’t ship on Fridays because of the extra time it may be in waiting! So if you like your coffee fresh (and I hope you do) this subscription is for you”

Yep Sounds About Right

Also, I made an error in my previous post, I referred (numerous times) to the coffee being a blend. Commonly people say this mistakenly. These are all Single Origin Coffees. My bad peeps, my bad. Replace blend with bean and we are good to go… 

So here’s the unboxy box again

(remember not blends, they are single origin)

So here’s the other two types of coffee

First I tried Brazilian

So the label says Full Body, absolutely correct. 
I’m not familiar with the correct terms – however I want to say this has a meatier aroma and flavor than the others. If this were dinner it would be the entree. 
It was totes yummy!
And my final coffee club tasting
OK, in the past I haven’t found Ethiopian coffees to really do it for me.
Yep! Still feel the same.
The smell is wonderful, however there’s an aftertaste to this type of coffee that is ….
kind of metallic? Not sure exactly how to put it, but it puts me off.
So that’s it folks
Hot Coffee Club
A great way to have your coffee delivered fresh
monthly or biweekly for $20!

You like single origin coffee? This one’s for you!

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