Hot Coffee Club Review + Unboxing (Part 1 in a 2 Part Series)

*product was received free for review

It’s Coffee Time!

Hot Coffee Club

A subscription box that sends FRESH coffee to you monthly (or bi-weekly, you decide) in small batches for a mere $20 a month.
The focus here is on freshness, in fact they don’t ship on Fridays because of the extra time it may be in waiting! So if you like your coffee fresh (and I hope you do) this subscription is for you

Want some more persuasion? And my cute face?!
Check out the unboxy box video

So here is the box breakdown

I flippin love this packaging! 
Beyond that I received whole bean 
(you can have it ground) 
It’s fresher in whole bean form though!
There it is – smells so good!!!
Need a grider? Buy one at Target! They’re super cheap!

Here is what I received in the box

Flavors included





All Excellent Choices! However, you know if watched the unboxing that I am not exactly a fan of Ethiopian.

Also if you noticed in the title this is part one because with four coffees it is going to be a few days and I didn’t want my thoughts about the coffee to fade! 

So here is what I thought
(And I’m no connoisseur)

First I tried
The label says “smooth with almond smells”
So you are probably asking yourself why the coffee looks so light…
the answer folks is simple, I’m a terrible human and add water to my coffee.
It’s a thing I’ve always done and I forgot to take the picture beforehand.
I really liked this, more of a bold roast than a regular Columbian. 
It is an extremely smooth coffee and I found that I drank more than I typically do.
Which is probably why I’m awake at 3 AM writing this.
(kidding, kidding)
The Next Coffee I Tried
The label here said sweet chocolatey and well-balanced!
It was delicious, it was my perfect coffee. Just a good medium coffee!
It smelled absolutely fantastic right after I put it in the grinder!
And then of course again after I put it in my mouth!
So, that’s the first two coffee flavors from
Check back tomorrow to see how the other two turned out!

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