Battle of the Beauty Boxes: Birchbox – Ipsy – Adore

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Mother of all Beauty Box Hauls today!

We’ve got

Adore Beauty Box

All three of these are monthly beauty subscription boxes. They all cost $10 with the exception of Adore which is $15.

Adore is on the chopping block this month because… for the extra five.. I don’t necessarily feel like I am getting as much as the $10 beauty boxes.

So here is the unboxy box video

Alright box breakdowns

We will start with Adore Beauty Box
June Box

OK so last month was an eh, month for me and I decided this month would be my deciding factor
I really want to like this box, there’s been so much hype and I thought it would get better…
And some things did, there was filler in the box so the items weren’t loose but as far as those items… the excitement I once felt has waned and I’m just not feeling it anymore

Here’s what I got

 Listerine Zero
I can’t tell you why this was included.
You’ll see it’s empty – my son took it and emptied the contents on the floor…
Really happy there was no alcohol in it.
So yeah….

Raw Elements Sunscreen Samples x2
$1 ?
I haven’t tried these. I have gotten a lot of sunscreen lately though and it may be awhile
It’s that time of the year

Sorry that picture is bad
Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio
Anyway, this is pretty, I have one of these in a different set of colors.

Bath & Body Words Orange Ginger Aromatherapy Body Wash
OK here is my honest opinion, it does indeed smell nice.
But I’ve worked in retail… and if you have ever worked in a drug store you know theres a tote where they put stuff that is *the last of* *messy* *who knows* and that is exactly what this bottle reminds me of, I hate seeming so picky because typically I’m easy to please but if I’m paying for the bargain bin don’t label it a “higher end” beauty box.


Cutler Body Milk
This smells nice and it’s a cute package. I like it

MAC False Lashes Mascara
So it’s MAC, which is… I suppose put in to appease the sensibilities of those looking for higher end products. I’m not all about that but I get it.

Comedone Extractor with Lance 
OK this is where I kind of got concerned. There was no sealed packaging for this, and it’s something I’m going to put in my skin and the only packaging it had was this little pocket and a piece of tubing cut. Granted it doesn’t look used but it’s really not something I would ever use

Not Pictured
Urgent Rx Headache Relief to Go
My son threw this under a table at the same time he dumped the listerine
Haven’t used it yet.

OK so that is the Adore Beauty Box for June
About $24 worth of stuff for $15


Here’s all my Birchbox goodies!
Temple Spa Good Hair Day Shampoo Sample
Temple Spa In Good Condition Conditioner Sample
$2 each?
I haven’t used them yet but they certainly smelled nice
Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint
I LOVE this. Easily my big winner for this bag.
Nice light moisturizer with a tiny hint of tint.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner
I am so feeling this! Love the color!
(pictured right)
Getting this off my hand was HARD so as far as outlasting others .. this gets the job done
Cotz Sensitive SPF 40
I’m so eh, on sunscreen right now…
A Bonus
L. Erickson Grab and Go Ponytail Holder
This is cute and nice and all but $18, really?
So that is Birchbox
I’m happy this month, I liked what I got 
For $10 I got $36 worth of stuff… not too shabby!


My swim into summer goodies
Absolute Nail Lacquer in Turquoise
This color is so perfect and hello? did Birchbox and Ipsy team up because the swatches of the eyeliner and this lacquer … match so well!
Also, I LOVE the bag this month. 
Kinda smells funny though…
This was my “really nice” item that I noticed ipsy like to throw in, the winner if you want to put it that way. This is really nice and I am pumped 
I am excited to use this! I have ridiculously dry hair so this will definitely come in handy for me
I love these sorts of “easy” products… get it out swipe it on and hit the road.
I’ve got three kids, application time matters
Here’s the swatch


Guessing there, because this is a sample size from Dr. Brandt.
I used this last night and it is pretty good. I only need help with a couple minor areas but I will definitely use this!
So that is Ipsy for this month
And my big winner is …


I feel like I got the most bang for my buck with them and more products that are customized for me and that I will actually use. Birchbox was pretty good too but Ipsy once again has taken the proverbial cake… 

Also after receiving this batch I decided I would sever my ties with Adore Beauty Box

I am currently on the prowl for something to take its place 
You shall see soon, I suppose!

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