The Choice to No Longer Be an Influenster

Back in 2013 my sister in law told me about Influenster
and I signed up and got free things. It was really nice – all I had to do was complete some tasks for them after I received them and things were great.

Fast forward to 2015, I hold approximately 20 badges and I have a “high” social media influence score. In April I received a survey about getting married and thought, ahh this is for me!
Now, in June the #IdoVoxBox is coming out and I get two more surveys about it and think I have to be getting it, Two weeks ago they said, “keep an eye on your emails next week”
All the while we have to keep our badges updated… which on Influenster requires going and reviewing products every 5 days, for my 20 badges. That’s absolutely fine, except that at the same time they release their new website. It’s a virtual index of products that {we} the Influensters reviewed. 
Now here’s where I feel like a nag, but hear me out
We built them a website that has nothing to do with Influenster, it’s a search engine of products. 
And if you don’t get selected for a voxbox, you’ve done all that work for nothing.
It seems an unfair way to treat people that have helped you, and considering a lot of the things that are put in boxes are received at no cost for promotion – there should be some other sort of compensation. 
Back to what I was saying. I got curious and checked their Facebook and came across a thread of women being ridiculously catty about someone receiving a box (by the way – I didn’t receive the box by the way) and at that moment I thought… “Good Grief” I am not a catty woman on a social media thread! I am so outta here.
There it is folks
My Influenster Deactivation
Maybe you still are, that’s OK
It’s just not for me though. 
It was pretty fun while it lasted but 
Goodbye Influenster

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