Vevabox Review and Unboxing June 2015

*product was received free for review

Calling all nail mavens!

Todays review is of 


A 30 day supply of designer nail polishes for only $8.99 a month

Here’s the unboxy box video

So here’s the box breakdown
Here is the box!
Here are the contents of the vevabox
This color is awesome, I love, love, love orange.
It was hard to find a price online, it seems that while they still make Rimmel 60 seconds this #403 in Oragam (Rita Ora – clever, clever) isn’t made anymore
Best guess $5
I would never pick this color myself, it’s OK but I just can’t visualize this on my nails. I have a hard time conceptualizing glitters on my hands and thus, don’t typically buy them.
I also couldn’t find this available – discontinued except on Amazon 
for $12

Here’s what I did

I went for a home run
I painted them with the Orange
then followed it up with the glitter
That’s the beauty of subscription boxes. I would never have thought to put these two together but they are beautiful and my picture doesn’t really do it justice. It’s absolutely a great summer combo and totally sparkles.


For the $8.99 you pay Vevabox offers you 30 days of nail color.
I think this is awesome! I love the colors I got and think they go together really well.
And if I had to go out and find them myself I’d pay about $17, so I definitely think this one is a win.

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