Bulu Review and Unboxing: June 2015

Bulu Box Review
and surprisingly it’s positive!
Check out the unboxy box video


So just in case you didn’t know Bulu Box is a monthly subscription for fitness, weightloss, and health in general.
Here is the breakdown for this month
The contents
Supports gut health and strong immune systems
dairy, gluten, soy, preservative and animal product free
Full of all the good stuff that make you look beauteous
And in case you are sensitive to large pills

I checked and these “stress relief” candies use flower extracts and thus are safe to use when breastfeeding, yay! I haven’t tried them yet but I am SURE that I will use them.
Tart cherry juice drink provides sleep which allows serious athletes to recover without side effects.
I am unsure whether this is safe to take while breastfeeding, it’s all natural but contains L-tryptophan but doesn’t say how much… so i’ll just save this one until my breastfeeding duties are over.
Instant nausea relief in powder form
Using xylitol and saline this nasal spray works to keep nasal passages moist – particularly during allergy season.

Well that’s all folks

All in all for what you pay ($10) you totally got it back this month… with a total of about $36 in stuff.
So, maybe it’s a box that is hit or miss month to month? Because last month was pretty epically bad.
We will just have to see next month!
If you are interested in the Bulu Box click to subscribe!

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