Hawaii Snack Box – June 2015: Review and Unboxing

*products were received free for review purposes

Today we are reviewing

Hawaii Snack Box

A delicious way to spend $19.95 a month
Hawaii Snack box is a monthly subscription that, you guessed it, sends you snacks that you can only find in Hawaii.
You get a little taste of Hawaii every month!

Without further adothe unboxy box video

I have the cutest helpers!

So here is the box breakdown

Here is everything that was in the box
minus the Mochi we ate in the unboxing
I need to make something clear, I am a woman of small stature but I WHOLLY enjoy eating. Like, I have no shame in the fact that food is fun and delicious and boxes with food are pretty legit.

This box made my heart smile

I’m not going to bother trying to breakdown this box by price because finding prices would be hard… but what you can’t add in is what it costs to curate this type of box.. so we’re not going to bother with numbers
This is the mango but we also got strawberry. An interesting dough / pastry type is actually a rice cake with a fruit filling.
This is the type of snack kids love, at least my kids did!
Li Hing Mui Cookies
from Atebara Chip Company
OK so in the video I said that I’ve tried things this color – I thought about it and what I think I meant was chick-o-sticks… LOL wow. My brain is fried.
Anyway, these were PHEN-omenal. Seriously, I gave these out for afternoon snack and wound up eating most of them. They taste a lot like a shortbread or one of those cookies in the tins, except the flavor seems to be a bit brighter. They are yummy.
Classic Taro Chips
Atebara Chip Company
If you haven’t had Taro Chips they taste a lot like regular chips except that they are a little less crunchy, a little more earthy and wayyy more healthy.
This brand is no different from others I’ve tried and I thought these were pretty good.
Hawaii Pretz Pineapple
I was most excited about these. I had never heard of anything like this before and I love pretzels!
These are so good! So different! Just so you know it isn’t “infused” in the pretzel, it’s like a powder outside but it’s surprisingly warm and just all around yummy. Loved it!
Mauna Loa Honey Roasted Macadamia Nuts x2
I already love these so getting them in this box was a PLUS! If you like nuts these are totally for you
Wasabi Seaweed
Finally! Something I don’t feel obligated sharing with my children!
Oh, happy day!
So, I have had plain seaweed paper before but never wasabi flavored 
and just so you guys know, in case you’ve never had it – 
they are little papers
For frame of reference
I love these, but I will be honest, you’ve got to like salt for the plain ones and for the Wasabi flavored you have to be into spicy stuff. They aren’t overwhelmingly spicy though like a lot of the wasabi peas can be. I really liked these. 

In Summary

Hawaii Snack Box is for you if you like to try different foods and aren’t against getting something spicy. If you have a sweet tooth as well and want to be reminded of paradise even in winter this box is definitely for you

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