Gracelicious Box Review and Unboxing

*product was received free for review

Today I fell in love...

it’s name is 

Gracelicious Box

a jewelry subscription box curated in “sunny California” 
and the pieces I received were absolutely divine!

Here’s the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown

Chock full goodies!
So here is what I got
2 pairs of stud earrings
I ADORE the bows… they are so pretty and delicate!
This awesome bracelet which is two pieces so if you want to go lighter you can wear just one. I love this, it’s a great addition to a simple outfit that you want to shake up a bit!
Here’s me wearing it!

This pretty little pendant necklace
This is probably my favorite piece in the whole box.
I love the way it lays on your neck, it has the perfect length!
Me wearing it 
This is the second necklace
This is so elegant! While the first is definitely an everyday piece this is definitely a “special occasion” necklace for me. It’s so very beautiful. I don’t know if you can tell there are little crystals inside the silver part of the necklace. 
And this is my free gift!
A knuckle ring
I really like that this was included, mostly because while I would never buy one of these myself I am really glad that it was included. It is definitely a nice little indulgence.

In Summary

This jewelry subscription is AWESOME! I absolutely love the Gracelicious Box!
It’s $19.99 a month but they are offering an opening promotion sale of $14.99 a month if you buy a six month subscription which is a steal. The packaging is beautiful as well as the jewelry. It’s customizable and perfect for someone with “discerning” jewelry taste!!
Don’t believe me?

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  1. I agree, there was something in there for me for every occasion. I'm relatively certain that they could style anyone so that they really like their whole box like I did!

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