Citrus Lane vs. Bluum June 2015: Review + Unboxing

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Citrus Lane

The kids subscription boxes put to the test once again!

Check out the unboxy box video

Let’s start with Citrus Lane
The theme this month was “Summer Fun”
First we got
Cute little coloring page that goes perfectly with
These are pretty cool, and Earth conscious!
Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit
I had never heard of this before – it’s for ages 2+ and I am sure that Oliver will love it
Beach House from Chronicle Books
Cute little book
The website says $16.99 but that is for the hardcover so I’m not sure of the price
it’s not a totally awesome book, but it’s a book and you can’t really go wrong with them!
Here is where I get happy – if you read my blog about the five toy companies you should know about you know that Plan is one of my FAVES so seeing this made me happy. I am a little confused about the price I could only find this set with a cutting board included for $19.99 and this (obviously) doesn’t have one.
Well that’s it
I liked this month. I liked the variety and inclusion of nicer products the total estimated value was around $35.

Let’s do the Bluum Box!

Here’s everything that came in the June Bluum Box
I guess this is supposed to be 2 month milestones? NO CLUE.
It wasn’t even in the email that tells you what you got.
These are cute, I will definitely use them however they are $14 and I would absolutely NEVER pay that price if I were to go out and purchase these myself
This is ehhhh you know, after four kids you see one stuffed animal you’ve seen em all.
La Natura – Organic baby massage & cradle-cap oil
I am sure that I will use this… but I just got oil from them… seriously bluum.
Alright so yeah the box makes sense as far as dollars and cents but this was it for me

The Bluum Cancellation Process

I will never subscribe to Bluum again for the simple fact that the cancellation process was so ridiculously elaborate that I would never want to have to endure it. 
It went something like this.
Go to Bluum sight and look for a page that says cancellation
No such page search for cancellation
Click that and get sent to a page that makes me *find* a button that sends them an alert that I want to cancel, after which I am sent an email from them that I have to not only respond to but also go to the sight and scroll and find (not easy to find) the link that cancels. It sounds silly but it’s irritating. It seemed as though it was intentionally hard to cancel and you compare that to Citrus Lane who makes it incredibly easier and it looks to me like you have an inferior brand 

Sorry Bluum but WHOMP WHOMP!

Obviously Citrus Lane was my big winner!

1 thought on “Citrus Lane vs. Bluum June 2015: Review + Unboxing”

  1. I love seeing the breakdown and comparison of the two. And those seashell crayons are sooo cute!
    My kids had a three month Citrus Lane subscription as a Christmas present from grandparents and they really enjoyed it. I'd like to order one sometime.

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