Marvins Corner – Inedible Treats Subscription Box Review & Unboxing: July 2015

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Marvin’s Corner

Inedible Treats

This monthly subscription box sends you “inedible food” jewelry from their line. 
For $30.00 a month you get hand sculpted jewelry based around a theme and other add ins that tie into the overall theme of the box. 
I received the “Let’s Go Camping” July box and it was seriously some of the cutest jewelry I’ve ever seen!

Here’s the unboxy box video

Here’s the Box Breakdown

This is the July Inedible Treats Box
The theme is “Let’s Go Camping” 
It is absolutely adorable!
So here’s what I got!
Whole bunch of really cute camping stickers!
(if you are interested in the recipe and can’t read it leave a comment and I will type it up for you all!)
Totally looks yummy, I am definitely going to try this next weekend when my nieces sleep over!
Smells just like Roasted Marshmallows, otherwise it is pretty much a regular black fine tip marker with a marshmallow sticker on the side… just your average marshmallow marker!
This is so cute and I have such a hard time photographing jewelry I get nervous about whether I am doing it justice with my pictures. I took a picture of this necklace more times than I can count. All I can say is you can’t capture the very tiny details. Like the Graham cracker perforations, it’s super detailed and cute. 
This is my absolute favorite thing in the whole box. This keychain is obviously made to look like a jar of marshmallows. It is in fact a tiny jar, it isn’t cheap plastic or anything either. If you love mini stuff (I know I do) you can absolutely appreciate the tiny details and effort that are put into this jewelry. Every piece is so well designed and thought out.

So in Summary

This box is awesome. It’s quirky and fun and if you have young girls in your life or just simple enjoy fun, “inedible treats” kind of jewelry this box is definitely for you.
I love that it is based on a them and includes some other goodies. This is perfect as a gift or for yourself. Each piece is handcrafted and has ridiculous amounts of detail. These are really unique and my girls thought they were the bees knees!
If you want to subscribe to Marvin’s Corner “Inedible Treats” subscription box 
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  1. So cute! I love the necklace and key chain especially. I've never heard of this subscription service before, so I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

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