OHD Dreambox June 2015 Review and Unboxing

*product was received free for review

OHD Dreambox

Super fun subscription box that sends out beauty and lifestyle products. I didn’t hear too much about this so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. This box is pretty new, I received the June box which is the second month of the OHD Dreambox

Here’s the unboxy box video

Here’s the box breakdown
Here is everything I received in the June

So what is all this stuff?

(link leads to rep page)
This is a direct mail product, however I had never heard of them.
Just so we are clear I have nothing against direct mail products or the people that sell them.
Occasionally, you see nasty things said about them on blogs, just want to put out there that I’ve done direct mail and it’s alright by me. 
Anywho, the product is great. It’s spearmint and I love spearmint. It is nice and is free of chemicals which is pretty comforting to know. 
With the lip balm I also received the catalog for the Ava Anderson Company
I have been seeing these all over and wanted to try them. So I am really glad this was included. I used it once but there’s no noticeable difference that I could tell. However, funny little story.
I opened it up on camera and I didn’t even look back to see if you guys could see but I opened it totally wrong!
I looked at it and was like, this can’t be right and was going to go google Lashem applicator
and then I noticed that the bottle looked crooked and then I realized I had taken the entire applicator out and not just the cap…
There it is!
This is a really nice handmade body lotion. It’s Lavender scented and really nice. I like it, obviously you have to kind of be into lavender for this but if you click above and look around the Etsy shop they have a ton of different things. 

Love it!

These are cute, unfortunately I just got a set of tweezers with the little eyebrow brush. But I will use these probably as an “on the go” tweezer. They are really cute and remind me of Lisa Frank!
I couldn’t find these anywhere online, but some comparable ones for about $5.
I will be honest I was firstly, confused when I saw these. I wasn’t even aware that Mary Kate and Ashley made makeup anymore. Secondly, I was concerned with quality… 
Guys, I actually really like these.
They are awesome for when you just want a quick application and you get pretty many. Little tip though, go lightly. A little bit goes a long way with these babies.
There’s my hand wearing bronzer!
This is really nice, if I had to describe the smell it would be something like leather but kind of planty? I really like smells like that. Not floral or fruity but falling into the “other” category. I love variety!
(link leads to reps page)
Jamberry is fun! We all know about them by now, if not welcome to 2015 where you can wrap your nails and make them look like pretty much whatever you want. It’s a good time to be alive.
Happy is one of my all time favorite fragrances but I’ve never tried any of their skin products so I am excited to try this one out. This is a nice – higher end inclusion

In Summary

This is a fun box and for only $15 a month you get (at least this month) around $70 in products. Which is phenomenal. I like that there is a really wide variety as well which allows them to keep it fresh and fun. This box is for you if you want a trendy fun box and aren’t opposed to direct mail products. I totally liked it!
You can subscribe to OHD Dreambox Here

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