Viv’s New Favorite Rattle

*product was received free for review

The Worlds Best Rattle

Viv and I are kind of in love with these rattles from a company called Zubels
They sell hand made toys and clothes all ridiculously cute.
I could spend hours clicking around their site.

They have a number of different Zubugs at Zubels
We received the caterpiller
His name is “Nibbles” the vegetarian

For whatever reason this rattle gets a lot more love than any of the other ones I have for the baby.
It may have something to do with the colors or the softness. While I am not sure the exact reason I can see the appeal.
Just look at that face!

Besides being super adorable these are really high quality.
All Zubels use high quality cotton

The Zubugs are all 100% organic cotton and handmade with love.
I was really excited when I found out that the Zubugs were handmade, for some reason knowing someone poured all of that love into something I give to my kids (or anything really) makes me over the top happy. 
Baby Viv and Nibbles
Right now there is a sale for 50% off all Zubugs at Zubels
which means Nibbles is now only $8 
And if you are buying a gift… they do gift packaging!
I know I was having a lot of fun clicking around their site because they have a TON of really cute stuff!

Check them out here for yourself

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