Summer Reading: Le Tomcat Diaries

*book was received free for review purposes

Le Tomcat Diaries
Lies, Fries, and Blue Skies in the South of France

I just read a cute little book that I figured I would share with all you guys.
Easy, breezy summer read and even appropriate for children.

The story follows Mr. Blinkers an English cat whose human Victoria decides she wants to move to the South of France. Mr. Blinkers worries about the loss of his neighborhood but is excited about the endless possibilities of tuna in France. The tale is told (hilariously) from the cats point of view and shows his perspective in a variety of situations. From leaking cesspits to a poodle who gets chicken for breakfast. It was whimsical and funny and pretty much a delightful all around read.

The story written by E.A. Menches has a fantastic cast of characters. Polly the mean poodle, Hans the human with OCD, Jinx the Tom afraid of water and so many others. Each entertaining in their own unique way. This book is available for kindle and in book form on Amazon
My kids thought this was hilarious and so did I and I hope you do too! 

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